Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Creating Data Forms in SharePoint Designer, Part 2: Custom Lists with Lookup Column

First, from my top-level site I created a new SharePoint site called FAQ. I made it a “Blank Site” which means that a new site will be created for me with a single page called “default.aspx.” The page will be essentially empty, but we will put our Frequently Asked Questions on it shortly.

Next I created two custom lists in my FAQ site. The first list is called FAQ Categories and only has one field in it – the default field called Title. The second is called Frequently Asked Questions. In addition to Title, it has three required fields in it: Question, Answer and Category. Category is a “Lookup Column” that is populated from the FAQ Categories list.

I then added a couple of records to the Categories list: “Miscellaneous” and “Contact.” Now if I add a record to my Frequently Asked Questions list, it looks like this:

Go ahead and create these two lists on your FAQ site. In the next post I will walk through creating the Frequently Asked Questions page grouped by Category. Be sure to post your comments, questions or requests. Happy holidays!

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