Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the Fence with SharePoint?

Almost a month has passed since I last blogged. June was chock-full of consulting, training and evangelizing. I have a thousand things I want to say, but they will have to wait. This post is for those people who are on the fence with SharePoint. If you have heard me speak before, you know my mantra is “Everyone has a need for SharePoint, some just don’t yet know it.” Said another way, “Every organization has a challenge for which SharePoint is a solution.” I stand by that statement.

I sometimes encounter organizations who have been on the fence with SharePoint for some time. They are hesitant to dive in for various reasons. Probably the three most common reasons are:

1) They do not know where to start…after being overloaded with the information freely available on the web

2) They are still working on their plan

3) They got a bad first impression of SharePoint when another company did a demo or one of their own good-intentioned people nonchalantly rolled out a SharePoint site

Of course there are other objections and each situation is different. In a series of posts, I want to respectfully address the objections I just mentioned. My objective is to help you off the fence and to guide you through the “maze” of information that our generous SharePoint community makes so readily available online.